Fuwa Fuwa Café–delicious, authentic, Japanese pancakes


Miso Caramel Soufflé Pancake

Feeling for a light dessert after a meal? Looking for a treat to satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth?

Fuwa Fuwa Café, the UK’s first Japanese, soufflé pancake shop, does not disappoint. Located in Brunswick Centre in central London — an ideal summer spot — this cute and spacious café is full of fluffy clouds and even fluffier pancakes.

Soft, sweet, and surprisingly light, these pancakes will take you five minutes or less to gobble down. The menu is short and sweet. Toppings are unique and fun like Banana and Nutella, and Matcha — my favourite — which comes with a smooth matcha cream and red bean paste on the side. The combination of bitter and sweet makes an especially delicious treat for the palate. This pairs wonderfully with an iced matcha latte from the drinks menu, which is one of the best I have found in London.


Matcha pancake

The Blueberry & Yuzu cheesecake deserves special mention for its instagram-worthy presentation and delightfully berry-licious taste.


Blueberry & Yuzu Pancake

If these flavours sound too much for you, no need to fear. The original pancake, with butter and maple syrup will suit your taste just fine. Beautiful and simple is sometimes all you need.


Original Butter & Maple Syrup Pancake

And of course, being able to watch the chef make these delicious little treats while you wait is a bonus.

Other highlights are the friendly staff, who are more than willing to answer any questions you may have , and the pop music playlist, which adds to the light-hearted and youthful feel of the cafe.

But don’t take my word for it, come on over to Fuwa Fuwa Cafe and you are sure to be back with a large group of your friends.

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