Your Life Is Not Your Own

Photo by Tom Ezzatkhah on Unsplash

Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.-Arthur Conan Doyle

My life is not about me. I am a vessel through which life flows.

We all are.

Life is about opening up and allowing.

It is a dance between setting an intention and letting go, trusting that life will always direct me to the outcome that serves the highest possible good.

Life is about community.


We are not as small and limited as we think we are.

We are all a part of the ebb and flow.

What we think, do and say, matters and impacts the whole.

We are connected to the stars and the galaxies and to each other.

We are amazing, powerful, beautiful and significant.

We are everything.

So look that stranger on the train in the eye and smile. There is power in feeling seen.

Make a friend’s day by calling just to say, “hi”. There is power in feeling wanted.

Be present to your family and loved ones. There is power in feeling loved and heard.

There is an interconnectedness and playfulness to life, even though it may not always be clear to us.

It can be heard in the whispers of the wind,

seen in the small and unlikely coincidences,

and felt in the “aha” moments that pop into our heads when our minds are still.

We owe it to ourselves and to each other to stop and pay attention.


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